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Can B2B Companies Leverage Black Friday, or Is It a B2C-Only Party? Here Are Our Thoughts

Discover how B2B companies can thrive during Black Friday with our comprehensive guide. Learn strategies for maximizing sales, enhancing logistics, and leveraging market dynamics to transform Black Friday challenges into profitable opportunities.
Nov 17, 2023

When you think of Black Friday, what images come to mind? Perhaps it's the long lines of eager shoppers wrapped around bustling stores, or maybe it's the flashy sale signs that seem to scream for attention, or you are thinking about all the online banners that have colorful signs inviting you to not miss this once-in-a-year opportunity. Maybe the first thing that pops into your head is the anxiety that comes from thinking that you don’t really need to buy anything, but you will be a fool for missing out on great deals. This annual shopping extravaganza has always been synonymous with B2C (business to consumer) retail, a time when consumers go on a spending spree, hunting for the best deals. However, there's another side to this coin that often goes unnoticed but is equally crucial - the B2B aspect. The business to business. For those reading the concept for the first time, this is defined as a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer

While B2C businesses are obviously the stars of the show during Black Friday, and most of the information and advertising during this period is directed toward the common citizen with a credit card ready to start jumping from store to store,  B2B companies shouldn't feel left out. In fact, this high-traffic season presents a golden opportunity for B2B enterprises to shine and expand their horizons. But how, you ask?

The key lies in understanding the dynamics of the market during this period. Consumers aren't the only ones looking for deals; businesses are too. Whether it's upgrading their equipment, revamping their digital presence, or investing in new tools, companies are on the lookout for bargains. In the end, companies are still consumers in a certain way. This is where B2B businesses can step in, offering special Black Friday deals to other companies.

Now, let's talk logistics. One aspect that can make or break a B2B Black Friday sale is shipping and logistics. The city that never sleeps just got a jolt of black friday extra strong coffee and the streets are especially dynamic and fast-moving. Take into account that during this time there is a lot of movement and tons of tourists packing the streets and complicating the flow. With the city going crazy (actually, going Black Friday crazy) this is where courier services like Airpals come into the picture. In the rush to cater to increased demands, traffic jams around every corner, and oblivious pedestrians looking at the banners and sale signs that go all the way into the horizon, B2B businesses often overlook the importance of delegating internal shipping and logistics to a reliable partner while facing the surge in demand. This is where outsourcing to reliable courier services becomes a game-changer. It's not just about getting crazy sales on black friday; it's about keeping the gears of your business turning seamlessly before, during, and after Black Friday. 

In fact, there are a couple of reasons why B2B interactions require an extra step in planning and developing strategies. You can’t see yourself as a simple customer when your business requires strategies for leveraging the odds in your favor. Actually, you can really benefit from the fact that most of Black Friday is directed toward single customers and the business world is not expecting a B2B company to participate in Black Friday sales. Creating a good proposal for your niche clientele will definitely give you some edge. If you already have some marketing strategy going on, this is a great moment to leverage data and get to know them at a deeper level. Take, for instance, a New York-based tech company that specializes in office equipment. Not your regular fashion-driven or home consumer market. Last Black Friday, they decided to partner with a courier service to handle all their deliveries. The result? They saw a 40% increase in sales and a significant uptick in customer satisfaction. Why? Because they could focus on what they do best - selling quality products - while leaving the logistics to the experts. 

If you are looking forward to improving your numbers during this season, here are a couple of tips you can follow this year:

- Build anticipation: Create curiosity and anticipation for your offers. Take some time to connect with other businesses and let them know you are cooking something. Perhaps send a message or pay a visit to make them think about you and the solution you represent for them.

- Use social media: Don’t doom scroll all day, but don’t ignore the importance of those lies and hashtags either. Use social media to promote deals and listen to customers' needs by creating an online presence that shows why they need you and how to contact you.

- Optimize your website: Having a website in Blogspot that hasn’t been updated since the first Avengers movie is not the best idea. Consider migrating to a better provider and constantly check mobile site speed and performance. Try to integrate online and offline promotions, shipping, and contingency plans that suit the needs of the customer based on the analytics provided by your site. Don’t rely on your gut, rather trust the data.

- Reduce abandoned carts: If your site has an integrated and direct purchase system, retarget customers who have visited your site and added items to their carts, but have left without making a purchase. Consider the human side of the interaction and be friendly. Make them feel at home and appreciated.

- Create a holiday marketing calendar: This one is more directed to your own personnel and your office. Keep track of your marketing strategies with a clear and easy-to-follow calendar. Be clear with your needs and your resources, and make sure your team understands the board and the details of your calendar. 

- Donate profits to charity: Even though the final objective of any business endeavor is to make money, socially responsible redistribution of profits can really make you stand out from the competition. This simple, yet crucial step toward equality, can bring you lifetime clients who will talk about you and recommend you to others not only for your products and services but rather for the human side of your venture.

- Enhance virtual shopping experiences: If you have a smartphone, you’ve got all the editing tools you need at your fingertips. Offer video calls with consultants who move through your store to show shoppers deals, explain the experience, and make them feel appreciated by not only speaking to a faceless voice but also a representative who cares about each and everyone involved. Boost your sales while you create meaningful connections.

- Give longtime customers irresistible deals: Just as we told you before, the psychology of customers can be used in your favor. The fear of missing incredible deals creates a real trigger in shoppers to purchase fast and, if you did things right, right from your website ;)

Black Friday isn't just a playground for B2C retailers; it's a burgeoning field of opportunities for B2B businesses too. The key is to recognize the potential and make strategic moves, like partnering with courier services, to maximize this high-traffic season. So, as Black Friday approaches, ask yourself, is your B2B business ready to tap into this goldmine? Are you thinking about improving your dynamics? Are you ready to focus on those tasks that require all of your attention and leave the logistics details to the best? Did we tell you that in Airpals, we can help you tailor solutions so you can boost your efficiency during Black Friday? We are here for you, just one message away.