From aha moment to Airpals

From aha moment to Airpals

Our founder, Joshe, has spent years dealing with the madness of local logistics. One truth prevailed regardless of the role or industry: it was a mess. There were way too many emails, tons of moving pieces, and needless cooks in the kitchen. Somehow, it was easier to transport from Nigeria to NYC than it was to get something from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Her final straw was a project that required getting a hard drive from Brooklyn to Jersey in 2 hours. The ask wasn’t insane, but the $300 quote was. Joshe’s ingenuity got the hard drive to Jersey on time and for 1/5 of the cost. This was her aha moment: give the old school NYC courier service a 21st century update. On that day, Airpals was born and happy customers were made.

The brains behind it all

Joshe Ordóñez

CEO & Founder

Joshe Ordóñez started her fashion career quickly after graduating college. Her creativity and expertise drew in invitations to speak at events, including one at the United Nations. In fashion and other operational-heavy fields, one issue always came up for Joshe: internal logistics. After solving an expensive local logistics ask with a reasonable solution, she pivoted from fashion to tech in order to create Airpals. Joshe’s knack for marrying simplicity and design allow her to make Airpals incredibly user-friendly and reliable. Google agrees. Joshe was 1 of 50 to be awarded from Google’s Latino Funders Fund. When she’s out of the office, Joshe loves reading Latino/Latina success stories and enjoying the city. NYC provides her with endless inspiration and interesting people that contribute to solutions for Airpals.

The Airpals approach to courier service

Airpals takes a triple bottom-line, sustainable approach to NYC’s B2B courier service industry. We care about people first, then the planet, then profits. Caring about people nourishes your community. Our workers earn a liveable wage and we love uplifting women and people of color. Empathy is one of our core values, that’s why we have ‘pals’ in our name.

For the planet, we use smart, efficient routes to lower carbon emissions. Our sustainability goes beyond the environment. Airpals wants to have natural growth with a positive impact on society.

We also love to question. Questioning outdated courier delivery service led to our creation and guides our future. We wonder how things can be done better. Our customers think the same way when they’re at work; that’s why they reach out to us.

We do B2B with personality

Unsung operational heroes work at front desks and behind the scenes. They know the office calendar, coffee preferences, and where the stapler is. For the project managers, admin assistants, liaisons, and coordinators who handle everything, we’re here to make work life easier with our tech-forward B2B courier service.

When you need a corporate item handled with care, our seamless design will take the stress away in 5 quick steps. Add minutes back to your day, give yourself a coffee break, or step out for some fresh air, we’re pals now and we won’t let you down.

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