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9 Courier Services Mistakes to Avoid, Save Time, Money, and Frustration!

Navigate the complexities of NYC courier services with Airpals. Avoid common mistakes in messenger service in New York and ensure same-day courier service in NYC. Discover tips for proper labeling, packaging, and efficient delivery.
Oct 25, 2022

There’s nothing more important than getting a crucial project-related item to the right place at the appropriate time. Courier services save you money on shipping costs, offer greater reliability, and deliver the goods on time — a huge plus when time is of the essence. But to reap these benefits, you’ll want to avoid making a few common mistakes that could derail your expectations.

Industries everywhere strive to cut costs on projects, and reliable courier service is one of the ingredients that help them achieve that. No longer will projects be held up just because one small but crucial piece has not arrived. Plus, with today’s technology, ordering a courier service has never been easier. Everyone has the ability to order a courier with the tap of a finger.

But even with these advancements in technology, human error can still play a factor that can hinder the delivery process. From confusion and delays to a lack of planning ahead, learn from these common mistakes when booking a courier service.

Improper Labeling

The Problem

In a city as sprawling and complex as New York, having the right address and good delivery instructions is paramount. This means not only having the right street, but also the correct floor, suite number, and other details.

Delivering a package with the wrong address can be a logistical nightmare for all parties involved. For the customer, this means not receiving their long-awaited items and having to take extra steps to track down where they went. Even worse when the package gets delivered to the wrong person, imagine all the awkwardness in that situation.

The driver also faces having to alter the route to accommodate unnecessary extra stops. This wastes time and gas, plus it affects the delivery driver’s schedule, which may delay other people’s deliveries.

The Solution

Avoid delivery hiccups by double-checking the labeling. Make sure the correct name, address, and information are listed clearly on the package to avoid any confusion. It’s usually best to print

labels instead of handwritten information to avoid smears and illegible handwriting. Our couriers will handle it from there.

Items Not Packaged Correctly

The Problem

Every package is different, which means they’ll need to be prepared and packaged in ways that make sense for those items. We suggest treating every item as if it’s worth millions of dollars.

A poorly enclosed package can increase the chance of damage, either through exposure to the elements, movement during transport, or potential drops or falls.

There’s also the matter of the type of item being transported. Naturally, liquids have different packaging requirements than solids. Imagine the mess if the contents spilled out! A china vase has a higher risk of shattering compared to a designer leather coat. Whereas a leather coat needs to be protected from potential spills or rain.

The Solution

Consider how your item might become damaged during transport, then look for ways to address those threats with packaging. For starters, make sure the box or bag is in the proper condition to hold the items. Secure the packages with strong tape so nothing falls out.

If the packages are wrapped, make sure the material is clear of any tears and sealed tightly. Adding cushioning or protective materials will keep the item in place during transport. Packaging can be a pretty simple fix if you think ahead.

Wrong Package Details

The Problem

Courier pricing and planning are based on lots of things, particularly the size and weight of the package. When you’re not sure about these elements, you might end up paying for more than you need. What’s more, your package might be delayed because it might be assigned the wrong mode of transportation (a surfboard won’t fit on a bicycle).

This means your driver may need to return with a different vehicle, which will delay your delivery by hours or even a day. And because of these changes, you might even be subjected to extra fees (bummer!).

The Solution

Not all packages are easy to measure, but it’s important to try to be as accurate as possible. This will help us assign your items to the right vehicle and route so we can expedite your request. Trust us, we care about timeliness just as much as you do!

Vague or No Delivery Instructions

The Problem

While we take pride in knowing our way around our city better than most, we can serve you faster with great delivery instructions. These can sometimes fall through the cracks, as many customers aren’t sure what else to provide other than the address.

We get it. It’s not easy to think of all the details. But lacking important information — such as holding a package upright so liquids don’t leak or fragile packages that shouldn’t have anything stacked on top of them — could damage the goods and create a nightmare situation.

We don’t mean to pry, but our drivers need to know as much as possible about your packages and their destinations so we can choose the best course of action for delivery.

For example, some buildings have specific policies when it comes to outside guests or delivery workers. They may have a front desk that handles their packages, and they require certain actions to be taken in order to pick up or drop off packages at their locations. Other buildings may require packages to be dropped off via a different entrance unknown to the driver.

As is the burden of many giant cities, parking is the biggest issue of them all. Not disclosing the parking restrictions at the buildings or their parking decks will eat up more time.

The Solution

Noting any specific restrictions and policies of the building or special details about your items can make a huge difference in the timeliness and quality of delivery. This includes any traffic and parking issues as well as any other limitations that might be a hindrance to the driver.

Some situations to consider include:

  • Freight elevators
  • Mailrooms
  • Front desk hours
  • Service entrances
  • Security protocols

Even a short sentence of additional information can go a long way toward relieving delivery congestion.

Underestimating Delivery Time

The Problem

You’ve got things to do, which is why you hire a courier. Your items are urgent and you need things done in a timely and reliable manner. Trust that your courier service shares your sense of urgency. Airpals is here to provide that extra convenience in knowing your package will get to its location in a reasonable time.

However, we’re still working on our teleportation machine, which means we have to deliver things the old-fashioned way. Delivery drivers need time to wade through the traffic swamp of our city without sacrificing the safety of your package. And if you’ve been in New York City for more than five minutes, you know this can be easier said than done.

There are lots of factors outside of our control, including traffic, parking, road incidents, and the weather (more on that in a moment). If the package itself requires extra care, we may have to travel at a slower speed to ensure safe delivery.

The Solution

Airpals mitigates delivery timeline issues as much as possible. For starters, we do offer a Rush service that will put your needs at the front of the line.

If you don’t leverage the Rush delivery option, we recommend considering the total picture of the delivery timeline to set the right expectations for when your items will arrive. Our technology gives you an estimated turnaround time when you schedule service. We’re also in constant communication with you if we run into delays or other issues that may impact your delivery time. Plus, you’ll get a notification as soon as your items have been delivered.

Not Responding to Courier Questions

The Problem

Trusted couriers like Airpals has been doing this long enough to “read your mind” by anticipating your needs and helping you think and plan ahead. But it’s not a perfect science, either.

We’ve encountered situations where the driver arrives and the people on site are not aware of what he or she is picking up. Or maybe they don’t accept the package upon delivery. This can create a bit of a pickle because our drivers operate under strict instructions for the safety and integrity of your items. If need be, we’ll leave packages in the main lobby or package rooms of the building for the recipient to pick up later, but we need to verify that’s okay with you.

Sometimes, packages are left for the drivers to pick up without having to interact with anyone, making the whole process nice and smooth. Other times, drivers depend on the resident buzzing them in and handing off the package to them. When the residents are not available, we’ll need to take a different approach.

We only have a grace period of a few minutes we can wait before having to move on to the next location. Any time spent after the grace period will incur an additional fee, and no one wants that.

The Solution

In order to avoid unnecessary backlogs and fees, be on the lookout for when the driver is arriving. If you can’t be available to respond to a courier if needed, assign someone else to the task.

We’ll send a notification to your phone when the courier arrives. It’s a good idea to keep your phone fully charged and handy. Also, if someone else is engaging with the courier, give them a heads-up so they’ll know to expect them.

Having Pets on Site

The Problem

We love our customers’ fur babies! It puts a smile on our faces to be greeted with wagging tails and smiles. But a lot of pets are wary of us because we’re strangers to them. While they may be your best friend, they could end up being a threat to the courier or delivery worker.

Defending a home against strangers is what beloved animals do best and that behavior may deter the couriers from entering the home. We need to keep our couriers safe in every possible way, including preventing animal bites, scratches, and panic attacks.

The Solution

While we’re always down to give a belly scratch or a quick pet, we suggest securing your pets when the courier arrives. Keep them behind a closed door for the few minutes it takes to pick up or drop off an item. This also helps to avoid the potential for your pet to make a beeline out the door when it’s opened.

Not Understanding the Cancellation Process

The Problem

Cancellations happen. The shipped item might be the wrong one, the person will not be available to pick it up, or plans change and the item is no longer needed. We’re pretty flexible when things like this happen. We allow cancellations within the allotted time frame to be refunded in full.

However, we also have to have limits to cancellations. Canceling at the last minute can upset the entire schedule, which ultimately affects our costs and time. We’re happy to skip you on our route, but we may not always be able to offer a refund.

Refunds become even more complicated when the package is already en route. This affects the delivery schedule, especially when we need to return the package to its original location.

The Solution

Coordinate with all parties involved and make sure you’re all on the same page about pickups, deliveries, and timelines. Get all the details in order before you schedule. And if unforeseen circumstances do happen, call us as soon as possible to see how we might help (and avoid potential fees!).

Failing to Consider the Weather

The Problem

Mother nature works on her own schedule. We give props to the delivery workers who brave these elements every day to get the job done.

That being said, weather can be one of the biggest hindrances not only to deliveries but to commuting in general. Rain can cause slippery roads and flooding. We might need to seek alternative routes. Poor visibility calls for more careful driving. And don’t even get us started on snow.

The Solution

No one can always predict how the weather will impact your courier service. We suggest checking the weather report prior to booking the service. If possible, schedule your deliveries on clearer days. If you want to mitigate weather impacts, consider choosing the Rush delivery option. Travel time will still be affected but at least there is a greater chance of successful delivery.

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